We do things differently.

The taste good, feel good, do good edibles.

Just like everyone else, we were growing tired of the awful-tasting gummies and other edibles flooding the market. There just weren’t enough options available for people like us and our hive of friends seeking Delta-8 THC edibles that were better tasting, more pleasurable and made with higher ethical standards. 

We found our inspiration for Nectar in a local chocolatier whose unwavering attention to detail and bold flavor combinations we’re unlike anything we’d ever experienced. Using these insights, we then spent well over a year painstakingly perfecting our recipes, flavors, processes and everything else related to how we wanted our brand to be different in the market.

illustration of a thc plant in a pot being watered with other plants around it and a sun

Natural ingredients, ethically made.

The Delta-8 THC we use in our edibles comes from hemp organically grown, processed and produced in our home state of Wisconsin. We’re committed to supporting small, independent farmers, their families and their communities. All of our flavors are all-natural and our gummies are both gluten-free and vegan. And unlike many other brands, we don’t use chemical solvents to extract our Delta-8 from the hemp. We do it the hard way on purpose, making sure the edible you enjoy is ethically made.

Consistent quality over quantity.

Simply put, we got into this business because we wanted a better edible than what was available in the market. And that’s what drives every decision we make. It’s important to us that you know exactly what you’re consuming every time you purchase a Nectar product, so we’ve self-imposed higher-than-industry-required standards for potency, production, packaging and testing. To us, it’s never about making the most edibles; it’s about making the best. We believe that consistency, efficacy and stringent food safety principles are fundamental to creating a high-quality edible that you can always feel confident sharing with your own hive of friends and family.

illustration of a delta-8 gummy sparkling like a gem
illustration of eyedropper with delta-8 thc and plant using pastel colors

Precise dosing every time.

Consistent, controlled dosing makes all the difference in an edible. It’s what makes sure you get the experience you’re looking for every time you indulge in a Nectar product. That’s why we put scientifically precise Delta-8 dosing at the center of our edible-making process. Every single product batch we produce is sent to a specialized lab for a cannabinoid potency certificate of analysis (COA). We go to great lengths ensuring our products live up to the high expectations we set for them so you can have a great time enjoying them.